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Santorini, a couple of questions?

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  • Santorini, a couple of questions?

    Would appreciate some help from those that have been to Santorini.

    Any tips on the best rooms?
    What is the capacity/numbers staying at the Villa?

    Many thanks.....

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    If you give Solos a call on 02089512800 they will tell you the numbers booked the gender split and age range of the people booked on the week you have chosen.


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      Thanks georgewn.1. However, I am trying to find out what the maximum number of people that the Villa takes etc. Hoping somebody who has been before can help me with both questions.


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        hi rioja, I have been twice and thoroughly enjoyed it, there are if I remember about 13-15 rooms all nicely decorated nothing special but all very clean and very adequate for the time you are there.


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          Hi Rioja,

          From memory there are about 15-16 Rooms+ the rep. I did not see too much of other rooms but.
          There are 8 rooms with doors on the outside of the property (plus the reps) I got the impression these were slightly larger then the rest of the rooms whose doors open inside the building.
          The internet connection in the outside rooms was patchy, I believe it was better for the inside rooms.

          Hope this is of help.


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            Around 15 rooms. The ones on the ground floor are dark as people tend to keep their window shutters closed. The ones on the first floor are nice and bright as people could keep their shutters open. These rooms are all good sizes (including a couple of large family rooms) and I think nearly all had a little balcony, there was only one room that was rather small compared to all the others. The next floor up is the roof where the bar and sun terrace are, with the two plunge pools to keep cool in. Wi-Fi connection was only any good up on the roof.