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Club Solo Zakynthos 1st September 2019

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  • Club Solo Zakynthos 1st September 2019

    Hi everyone, I have just booked Zakynthos on the 1st September but not many on it as yet! Is there anyone on this forum that has booked it too? I am hoping it is going to be a good crowd of mixed personalities. I am flying over from Jersey the day before. I am hoping that the hotel is good in a good busy area to go and do things. I do love the beach and swimming in the sea so I think the beach is pretty close by. Has anyone else been on this holiday more recently and can give any advice on things to do that were good and fun. Wendy x
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    Well it looks looks like Im on this one on my own!!


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      hi, I went last year, the hotel is in a good area, just a few minutes walk to a very nice beach and plenty of places to eat, but I am afraid that the hotel left a lot to be desired and a lot of people were very disappointed with the standard of the hotel, but otherwise enjoy the holiday.


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        Hello Stumpie 54, thank you for your response. Yes I could see when booking it that the standard didnt look that good but sometimes if you want company on a holiday you have to go to the hotel that goes with the holiday instead of picking your own. Iv never been to any of the Greek Islands so I dont know what other hotels are like. Im sure so long as the company is good then that will be the main thing.


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          hi rascall23, that's the way to look at it, just go and enjoy, the greek islands are lovely, I have been going for over 30 years, so I am sure you will enjoy.


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            Hi. I've just come back from a solo trip to Zakynthos (19/09/19). I loved it. Fairly quiet people wise as their season is coming to an end but lovely weather & place. I stayed in Alykanas & thought it was perfect for me. Went on the boat trip to smugglers cove, hired a quad bike & explored the island etc as well as a few lazy days on the beach. I found everyone really friendly & wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.