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Club Solos cruising Croatia

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  • Club Solos cruising Croatia

    Hi, is anybody booked or thinking of booking for July? Has anybody been on a similar holiday in the past? I've never holidayed by myself before but really like the look of this.

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    Hi! I’m thinking of booking this trip in July! Looks really good and weather should be great I was thinking of the October date but worried might not be warm enough. I’ve done a few solo holidays always enjoyed them, it’s definitely worth a try if you want to get away. Generally a good mix of people.


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      Hi Lb71, thank you for the reply. The cruise does look fab and a great way to see a lot of Croatia. I would be thinking of flying in from Manchester as I live in Yorkshire. I believe these are available as it says ring for details on the solos website.


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        Yes worth giving a ring I’m sure you would’ve able to! Does look the best way to see Croatia!


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          I've booked this trip for July. Got to have something to look forward too through the winter. I'm flying from Manchester. Anybody else on here booked?