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Tuscany New Years trip departing 28 Dec 21

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  • Tuscany New Years trip departing 28 Dec 21

    Re: Tuscany New Years trip departing 28 Dec 21
    Hi All I’m new to this experience just wondering, has anyone booked on this trip to Tuscany ?

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    Hi, Its my first time with Solo holidays. I’m also booked onto new year in Tuscany.


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      Hi Max great news you’re also on the trip to Tuscany - least we won’t be truly going Solo !!


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        Hi Eva and Maxine ; looks like you have posted into the ClubSolos thread on the forum about a New Year festive break in Italia? Maybe the "Who is coming with me?" thread might have been better as ClubSolos is their lower budget string for EU/Carib summer destinations.

        Anyway, for Tuscany, there are now 19 booked for 28/12 departure - not sure they are all from Gatwick though

        My previous NY booking with them fell through so am being offered to join this one.


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          Hi thanks for the info & update as regards the trip .. 19 is a great number - it’s my first solo experience so I’m new to forums etc - I’m sure regulars probably have group chat accounts set up - looking forward to meeting everyone - do you know if we need a PCR test 48 hours before travel to Italy at all ?


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            Hi Eva - the rules are changing constantly. When I booked it was 2 * Lateral Flow (out and in to UK). As I understand it now; it is Lateral Flow out bound and PCR + Day 2 inbound


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              Hi Diame
              many thanks for the info - it’s going to be touch & go again this winter again with rules & guidelines changing every week - let’s just hope we will still be able to fly at all
              also any news on which airport & carrier it will be - I was told if it’s 10 booked or more people we fly BA out of Heathrow rather than Easyjet out of Gatwick ??


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                Hi - are you sure they said BA out of Heathrow? When I booked it was definitelt Gatwick with Easyjet. I will be very p1$$ed with them if that is the case because they sold me connecting flights to Gatwick from my second nearest airport when Heathrow is available from my nearest airport. (And I'd get BA Avios!)


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                  Hi I spoke to the booking agent at SOLO to say I was extremely worried about paying the balance as I was getting conflicting information as regards flights & airline - when I booked online it was departure from BA HEATHROW then my confirmation came through as Gatwick Easyjet so before paying the balance I needed to speak with a company rep - ‘eventually someone called me after no joy in getting through & said that bookings under 10 people were departing via Gatwick but they have a special agreement with BA that if there’s 10+ people they can book us on BA Flights out of Heathrow - so need that to be the case if there is 19 booked now ??


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                    Hi - this is what they advised me this morning.

                    Apologies, I have added on your dietary requirements and sent through an updated invoices.

                    I have also checked, and can see that everyone apart from 1 person is currently traveling from London Gatwick, the other person is arriving from London Stansted.

                    Hope this helps.

                    I am guessing what they mean is that once they have sold the 10 pre-booked flights out of Gatwick; they can then offer other airports. AT the minute it looks like all but one are from Gatwick but if you NEED Heathrow; I would ring them and ask for a call back from Natalia who appears to be their team lead. I checked connections from Heathrow and Gatwick is better for me time wise though not distance wise (