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Lake Garda in October

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  • Lake Garda in October

    I've never travelled abroad with Solos but I am considering doing the walking holiday in Lake Garda in October. Bit nervous about this so would be good to hear from anybody who has been on this trip with Solos in the past (experiences good or bad!) or if anybody has any tips about travelling with Solos in general, it would be good to hear about it.

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    Hi Charlotte, I haven't been to Lake Garda, however i have travelled with Solo's a number of times. Solo's was my first holiday on mown and I too was nervous but it was also the best holiday iv'e ever had, I still meet up yearly with some people from my first two holidays back in 2009. Do it, go and enjoy yourself. You'll make loads of friends who you can keep in contact with for years to come.




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      Hi Sharon, thanks for getting in touch and your words of encouragement ... it definitely sounds like you have had some very positive experiences with Solos. I shall probably book over the Bank Holiday.
      Best wishes, Charlotte