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I'm New to Travelling! Newbie Needs Advice

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  • I'm New to Travelling! Newbie Needs Advice

    Hello, My names Conner. A 21 year old from Jersey, Channel Islands.

    I've never really been away on any major holdiays, mainly the UK and France, nothing special. I'm looking to start doing some light travelling (Going to somewhere for 1 - 2 weeks) I haven't got the cash to go on long travels, so I'm going to keep them short and sweet.

    As I've never really been anywhere, I'm clueless as to where to start. I haven't really got any places set in my mind, but I want a holiday where I can go, experience the local culture, views and sites. I'm not really one to spend 2 weeks beside a pool.

    So for my first holiday I was looking to go for about a week, somewhere which would be friendly to travel virgins, has things to go and see and do. Somebody mentioned Italy as a good place to go? Can anybody back this advice up?

    Italy has great history, buildings and culture, deffinetly somewhere I'd like to go and see. Now I haven't got allot of money so I couldn't do somewhere really expensive, but could anybody recommend somewhere good in Italy to go? Or even multiple places which are easy to travel between?

    If not Italy, where? I'm really new to this so it'd most likely be a good idea if some of the veterans could ask be some travel related questions, this might better identify what it is I'm looking for.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Conner Solos have 4 age groups for their holidays 24 -45, 30 -59, 45+ and All Ages. Croatia is nice place to go, plenty to see and the scenery is fab! Maybe try one of their city breaks. I hope this helps.


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      Hello) I'm new to thisforum but not new to travelling It's always possible to have some budget trips to expensive countries.


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        Malta is a good bet. Plenty to do and see, not far (so you maximise your time away) English is widely spoken. The same applies to most of greece


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          Hello Connor,
          Im not one for sitting by the pool either, which is why ive decided to go on an activity holiday this year. Ive looked at the activity holidays on this website and fancy Istrian Highlight. so if anybody reads this post and has any advise it would be warmly welcomed.
          Where ever you decide to go have a good holiday


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            Hi Conner - welcome to the Forum and thanks for your post..... I'm Penny, one of the Tour Leaders that accompany you on your various trips..... I agree with Euan - Malta and Greece are both steeped in history and fascinating places to visit..... and certain times of year are cheaper to visit than others. Take a look at the website.... I have also worked in Italy - and just love the culture (and the food!) - but some cities can be a tad expensive there.

            Stone_A - we do multi-activity holidays that may interest you - with a variety of sporty stuff - such as cycling, whitewater rafting, quad biking, walking etc - check them out!

            Hope you both have a great time whatever you finally decide to do...!! Penny


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              Hi Penny,
              Have not seen activity with white water rafting and quad biking? Croatia holiday was the closest to my liking maybe you could point me in the right direction
              Have also sent you a personal message