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    Hi, am new here, just registered. Can anyone tell me the average age of the solo travellers. Thanks in advance

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    Went to Crete in June and the youngest was 25. The rest a mixture, oldest I think was 73 - we had a great time together. Recommend it.


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      It can vary greatly from holiday to holiday, and also depend on the type of holiday; in my experience Discovery holidays tend to have an older age profile than beach-type ones, but that is certainly not a hard & fast rule.

      If you gives Solos a ring and ask them, they will give you an age profile and male/female split for a holiday that you may be interested in, but this can of course change if people book after you do.

      It's also worth mentioning that for many people, the age of the fellow travellers is not a major issue. Find a holiday you like and go for it!


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        Thanks all for your info. Still waiting for the brochure to arrive, then I can think more seriously. More discovery holiday for me, not a beachy person really. I love exploring


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          I prefer the discovery tours too. I went to Albania last year and going to Uzbekistan in October. I'm 34 and was the youngest in Albania. Last time I checked I was the youngest booked for Uzbekistan. I have to say it made no difference at all to my enjoyment of the holiday and I made some great friends in Albania. Plucking up the courage to book the Albania tour last year was one of the best decisions I ever made :-)


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            Thanks Laura, that really helped. For the past 6 years I have travelled with my daughter who lives in Thailand. I have been fine travelling alone, but knowing there is someone at the other end was good. Albania sounds a good bet, have never been there