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  • New to Solo.

    Hi all I'm new to Solo. Any feedback on your holidays would be great as I've never been abroad before and not sure where to go x
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    Same here RebeccaG84, I'd be interested too. I've travelled with a different company and had a lovely time in Lindos, but would like to try Solos.


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      All I would say is read through threads on here. You will see that feedback is generally positive. Lots of stories of people being worried or anxious and having a great time and not regretting it. It isn't perfect all the time, and that all comes out in the threads as well. You will see comments about which destinations are quieter or livilier etc. The club Solos destinations are a good introduction. They are not the most luxurious hotels, usually small but exclusive to Solos so that everyone on the premises is in the same position. You can be as social as you want or just meet for meals, but the groups are overwhelmingly supportive.


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        I would confirm Warrens views. The club Solos are good and I have been to the Santorini one3 times.The first time is always the unknown. I had never been abroad before or even flown in a jet so the first one was a bit into the unknown.
        It turned out fine and I met up with some of the people on another holiday with Solos. So go for it. If anything you want to know but dont want to put on the forum you can always send a pm to me or someone who has been on one


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          Thank you all much appreciated x


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            I have just joined, I would like to spend some time travelling now I have retired but it's a bit scary thinking of going away on my own. With a group I would feel safer, I can do weekends as I have commitments during the week and hope to find something short.


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              Solo's certainly do short/City breaks.

              The full list for next year should be available soon, and the winter breaks are available now