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Venice at Christmas

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  • Venice at Christmas

    I'm thinking about booking this holiday. Anyone else going or has done it before? Always wanted to go....

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    Did you book it Nikki, I did & can't find anyone who has ?


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      Hi Katie & Nikki.

      I went on this holiday last Christmas; Venice is a city that I'd long wanted to visit, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do hope that it hasn't been too badly affected by the recent floods.

      It can be an expensive city, or relatively cheap; buy a coffee at a table overlooking San Marco and you can easily hand over €10 upwards. The same coffee standing in a bar a couple of streets away will be €2 or less. And the hot chocolate is a drink to die for!

      A group of us spent Christmas day morning on a 40 minute gondola tour of the canals - a wonderful experience at what I thought was a very reasonable €20 each and one that I'd thoroughly recommend.

      Enjoy your holiday.