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    Hi I am looking at Turkey with Solos this year and I have asked them same question a couple of times and just get a link sent to me, but I cannot find out what they mean by solos Board is it just breakfast is it half board or full board the hotel is a way out of town and I dont want to spend a fortune on getting taxis out each night to eat nor do I want to pay extra to the hotel for food any one know what Solos Board is ???? Many thanks

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    Solos Board is generally the term that they use to cover the meal arrangements included in the cost of your holiday; it can be breakfast only, breakfast & all dinners, breakfast & some dinners, or even all inclusive. It could be pretty much any combination of meals. Basic details should be provided in the holiday description, and fuller details in the information sent out with the travel tickets.


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      Looking at the web site it looks like the only Turkey holiday for this year is a golf holiday and it is full.
      I looked at all the other Turkey holidays for next year and on the dates and prices page if you scroll down it will tell you exactly what meals are included.


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        KAYAKÖY BOUTIQUE HOTEL ok I have read the details top to bottom and all I can find is breakfast and evening meals if appropriate so what does it mean some evening meals no evening meals just what apart from the normal things am I paying for ????


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          I found this at the bottom of the “dates and prices” page. Click on the picture to expand. Hope this helps.



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            Thank you very much how I missed it I don’t know lol