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Is booking with Solos , now been sold

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  • Is booking with Solos , now been sold

    I was thinking of booking and googled solos but saw this

    who is your holiday booking with ? The web site terms say - love holidays ?

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    I read your post with interest and I thought perhaps I should look at the booking terms . Perhaps I am missing something but I did not see a reference to “ love holidays”. Can you point out where in the Solos terms and conditions it says that your booking will be with love holidays.


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      After reading the link - and assuming that it is genuine - it looks like Solos have been taken over and "Love Holidays" is part of the future business plan. As such, it is likely not to be in Solos current T&Cs.

      Now, what does "Love Holidays" actually mean; is it love (as in like or enjoy) holidays, which is essentially what Solos sell at the moment? Or is it going to be some sort of holiday equivalent of Blind Date, which would be something entirely different (and not the sort of holiday I'd be interested in, to be honest)? In my experience, the majority of people who go on Solos holidays are looking for friendship, not love .

      Only time - or a statement from Solos - will tell.


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        I am sorry but I must be a little dense or blinkered but I clicked on the link and cannot see any connection with love holidays . Can someone please point out where in the article the connection is.
        As a point of interest Love holidays is a travel agency easily found on google and does not have the connotations you are thinking about John.
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          Sorry, my pred text . It is ´long travel’ , if you look on main web site, terms and conditions. It says your holiday is with long travel and a new - different ATOL number. I guess if I book , it is with this new company looking after everything ?


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            The Solos ATOL number from the Solos website is 0559. Forgive me for asking but why are you looking at the terms and conditions of a company mentioned in a travel magazine article when you should really look at the T&C of Solos.After all is said and done your booking will be with Solo regardless of who the holding company is. Let’s face it you don’t buy Levi Roots cooking sauce and go into Jessops to ask how to use it but both companies are part of Peter Jones portfolio of holdings.


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              I like to know who I give money to , so many airlines and travel companies have went bankrupt.

              the details was on the main web site -

              it states -
              Your holiday contract will be with Long Travel Limited trading as Solos Holidays whose registered office is Whittington Hall, Whittington Road, Whittington, Worcester WR5 2ZX. Solos Holidays is fully bonded under Air Travel Organisers Licence number 4029.

              if you have booked a holiday you are now traveling with ? Protected by who ?


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                I must admit that I did miss that but I was scanning the text for Love Holidays. The piece that you pasted is different to the number I found in the FAQ section .
                Is my money safe?

                The air holiday packages and flights in this brochure are ATOL (Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing) protected by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) - our ATOL number is 0559. ATOL protects you from losing your money or from being stranded abroad. It does this by carrying out checks on the tour operators and travel organisers it licenses, to ensure they are financially able to carry out their business. However, if a tour operator does go out of business, the CAA will ensure you do not lose the money you have paid. Or, if you’re abroad, they will arrange for you to finish your holiday and fly home. Please see our Solos Holidays Booking Agreement.

                I agree that that companies do go bust , I had it happen to me when Monarch went bust but I had a full refund thanks to the ATOL protection. (An independent holiday not with Solos)

                i have used Solos quite a few times and have been totally satisfied with the service they provide.


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                  As long as bookings continue to be covered by ATOL protection and Solos continue the same level of service I see no reason for concern.


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                    Looking at companies house , they have lost hundreds of thousands of pounds over the last few years. Must be why they were rescued


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                      Have a holiday booked with Solos / now trading as Long Travel Ltd and the Atol number now is 4029.


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                        Good morning all and thank you for your posts which we have read with interest.

                        To provide the required clarification, Solos Holidays has been acquired and we have merged with Long Travel; the previous owners have served the company for almost 40 years and have chosen to retire from the business and it was felt this merger was a perfect match for the company they have helped to build over the years.

                        As such, we are now operating under the Long Travel ATOL number 4029 which continues to assure your financial security in exactly the same way as before. Your holiday arrangements are covered by exactly the same terms and conditions as before and, other than the variation in legal entity, there is no change in our relationship with you and we very much look forward to being of service to our wonderful customers over the years to come.

                        The venture capital company behind the acquisition have pledged their support and investment to allow us to provide you with an ever- wider choice of holiday options whilst retaining our treasured independence and we’re all very excited by the new opportunities our future holds.

                        Please feel free to call us on 0208 951 2800 if we may be of assistance to you or should you need any further clarification

                        With our best wishes

                        The Solos Team