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  • Early September Summer Sun

    Hiya fellow travellers, I know this is a long shot as the forum isn’t used as much as we would like but just wondering whether anyone is thinking of or has booked a summer sun holiday for early September?!?!? Looking through the holidays it appears the most popular are club solos Crete and Santorini. So just looking into what other people may have booked or are thinking off, although I am not sure as to when I will book as yet. I am a little undecided on the selection of a holiday which is why I haven’t emailed to find out specific numbers as yet plus am hoping for a regional flight if possible. It maybe that it is still quite early for people to book for September. Any feedback would be much appreciated! With Regards!

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    I was at Crete last year and I'm probably going back there at the end of September. Its a small quiet resort but with a good choice of bars and restaurants. The apartments are really nice, as are all the staff. I might try a different destination next year, but Crete was perfect for me.


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      Thank you very much for your feedback, much appreciated! I hope you enjoy your holiday at the end os September!


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        Hi Im going to Zante on the 1st September.


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          Hiya, hope you have a fantastic time in Zante, it is a lovely island! Unfortunately my holiday plans have changed now but I am sure you will have a lovely holiday, make good friends and get plenty of sunshine! With regards!