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Insurance cover for holiday activities such as riding snowmobiles and driving husky dog sleighs.

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  • Insurance cover for holiday activities such as riding snowmobiles and driving husky dog sleighs.

    Talking to Holiday Extras about insurance cover, I find that their winter sports cover does not include the above activities when snowmobiles and husky sleighs are driven by the holiday maker (following some training) rather than a professional. Has anyone else found insurance cover with other companies that will include these activities, and at what cost? I am so looking forward to my brief visit to northern Finland in December but this seems to be a bit of a stumbling block. Can anyone advise?

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    Hi Annette! I booked the December trip to Finland just yesterday and I was wondering about insurance! I have annual cover with Trailfinders so I will enquire about the scope of my cover. Looking forward to meeting you. Best wishes, Rob


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      Hi Rob, good to hear from you and I look forward to meeting you to on the trip! I hope you have some luck with Trailfinders! I am getting very frustrated because I haven't found a company which will cover you except as a passenger. Following a message on Solo's contact form, I've exchanged emails with a Solos representative who suggested I try AXA, but their small print states that they only cover sledging as a passenger and snowmobiling has no liability cover. Also they are not taking new customers for some reason. I am hoping I'll get a further response and more helpful information. Let me know if you find success! Best wishes, Annette


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        Hi Annette! I’ll let you know how I get on with Trailfinders. I’m pretty sure that I’m covered for winter sports but obviously I need to know to what extent. I don’t know if you’d be happy to connect on WhatsApp? I find it very tedious having to log in to the Solos forum to message. But no worries if you’d rather not! My number is: 07973 833461. Best wishes, Rob