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First Solo Trip - Iceland / Reykjavik - 22nd - 28th December 2017 - Anyone Else?

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  • First Solo Trip - Iceland / Reykjavik - 22nd - 28th December 2017 - Anyone Else?

    Hi Everyone!

    I will be taking my first solo trip this Christmas and spending 6 nights in Reykjavik; Iceland.

    Whilst I'm quite excited to be getting to spend the holidays there, it would be great to meet any other travelers who might be in the area during the same period to hang out with or experience some of Iceland's amazing wonders together!

    Also if anyone has any recommendations of places to visit / see / eat / tour whilst there, that would be great!

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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    I canít see this holiday on the solo website am I missing something ?


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      Be nice george,
      timberwolf has the impression this site is for solo people who want to go on a holiday and looking for people to join them at some point on the trip.

      Timberwolf this company is for people who want to book holidays with "Solos" a company that gets people together. The trip is organised with other people who want to have company on their holiday.
      Re dinner/lunch/ trips out/ poolside....
      Hope this helps.....
      A very simple explanation....
      Am sure someone will spend more time explaining....


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        I am always nice.
        A site for people who want to find others to holiday or link up with probably does exist out there somewhere.
        Perhaps someone here might know and PM the OP with details.