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Malta 22nd January

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  • Malta 22nd January

    I've just booked this last minute break. Anyone else coming with me?

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    Hi Christine! Happy new year to you! So good to see you out in Kos! What a surprise! Enjoy Malta - I'm sure you will do - I was in the St Pauls Bay a few weeks ago (altho' not in your hotel) - and there is lots to do there! x


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      Hi Penny, it's funny where you meet Solos reps..Kos was amazing. I was wondering if you'd be the rep for this trip, but just had the email and it's a new rep for me.. Surprised after so many Solos Holidays I seem to have had the same 4 reps for all different locations. I know nothing about Malta, and no one I know has been either so they all want to hear all about it. Think I'll be having a busy week exploring as much of the island that I can. Take care and safe travels.. as my favourite singer says.. We'll meet again somewhere down the road...


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        Yes, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard "PENNY" yelled behind me as I wandered through Karmedena !!! As you say, funny where you meet Solos reps!! No, not hosting this trip, but I'm sure whoever you have will be a fantastic Tour Leader.... Malta is steeped in history - and has more churches per square mile than anywhere else in Europe! Valletta is amazing just to wander around - and the views over the bay will take your breath away! Enjoy it! Yes, i'm sure we will indeed meet again somewhere down the road....!! x


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          I stayed in this hotel for Xmas and it was very nice, in fact my 3rd Xmas with Solo’s in Malta, enjoy, Sue