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Caribbean cruise 15 March 2019

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    Just seen this on the news...... thank goodness it is not our ship.
    Virgin Atlantic passengers quarantined after 'illness' breaks out on plane

    But having said that, I've been reading Trip Advisor forums about the Magellan and people report cases of chest infections etc from the ship!!!
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      I am in the 2nd sitting for dinner. I know it is good for afternoon excursions, but in a way I prefer to eat earlier. Anyone know the times of the sittings?


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        Zilla..Yes I saw that, and my stomach dropped a little...If its our plane lets hope its been fumigated...Not great news hearing about the ship either....I try where possible not to touch anything...Lift buttons door handles...I have heard recently those gels are not as good as soap and water, and try not to shake hands with others........Shall I order some masks from Amazon..;-)....I don't know what sitting, I cant find it...Its coming around so quickly...I have only booked one excursion now i cancelled the other one....