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Salgados april + Elrampedo oct golf

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  • Salgados april + Elrampedo oct golf

    I have booked these golfing holidays , is anybody going and flying from the west country, if yes give me a shout ,could arrange to meet up at the airport????.
    There are 40 plus due to go to Salgados and 20 so far booked for Elrampedo . Not been on any golf week with as many as 40 , hope it`s not to hectic ..

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    Hi John,
    I've been on the El Rompido hol. many years ago around Xmas and New Year, unfortunately that year it rained and didn't stop, as I remember we did get a few rounds in towards the end of holiday, memorable for all the wrong reasons. Anyway have a good couple of trips I know you will, and see if you can win a pair of socks rather than just the 1.
    I'm not planning on any golf hols abroad until Xmas & New Year myself so quite envious, I'm sure we will cross paths again in the near future have a good time.
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      Good to hear from you Roy , I will try and win the one sock , you will have to win the other one over your new year break and I will give you mine to make the pair . .
      regards John.
      PS I don`t know why but not many people seem to use this forum ????.