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  • Israel 2021

    Hello, anyone considering booking on this one?

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    Bumping this one - Solos have sold it to two more guests. Our FCO website lists Israel a GREEN but their website lists us as ORANGE so remain sweating this one out. Bit disappointed that when I asked them for alternative similar holidays (similar dates, cost , Med location or Carib if GREEN), they just sent me the URL for holiday choice. I had asked which are HIGHLY LIKELY TO RUN. Not risking any more deposits obviously!


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      I have been advised two more bookings were taken recently for this one, so hoping it will run. still saying we'll be welcome to pay for a not so fully inclusive extension for another week in the mandated arrival hotel in Tel Aviv though!! :-) No optional trips or dinners! And welcome greeting will be the IDF soldier that briefs us! Hoping these quarantine lists change soon!


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        Anyone, anywhere getting a response from Solos? I have paid in full for this trip but am getting no response(other than we will contact you next Monday) to my queries re Covid status and local arrangements for in-country co-ordinated testing (ie at arrival airport so group can get on same xfer bus and at Dept Day -2 so we can as a group do dept tests in same place). i reckon my full amount is just on deposit with them somewhere pending a last minute forced refund? Never had that with them in over 30 previous trips so bit annoyed with lack of response. I am monitoring the GBP(sorry UKP)/ILS exchange rate so any differential I suffer will be claimed against them as will Amazon bill for the guidebooks and Heathrow stopovers hotels


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          They replied witth this:
          We are currently experiencing a high volumes of calls and emails at present. Our response times are slower than usual so we ask that you bear with us.
          May we ask you do not resend your emails at this time to assist us with keeping our response times to a timely manner.
          If you are contacting us as you would like assistance with preparing for your trip, please visit
          Your understanding and patience is appreciated at this time.
          Best Wishes,

          Why do I want o read their FAQ when I want specific info on a holiday due to depart in approx 3 days from when I need to book PRC appts?